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1999.5 Valeo 1 piece headlamps

This is one of the simplest, yet most dramatic modifications you can make to a pre 1999.5 A4. Although Audi has a policy of ongoing advancement, the whole range received significant changes in 1999.5 and one piece lamps formed part of those 'facelift' revisions.

I chose to buy the OEM Valeo units (Bosch manufacture a 2 piece projector version), although there are some cheap copies out there I very much doubt the projectors are up to OEM standards.

It's worth noting that there are 2 versions of the unit; HID and Halogen. The projectors are different for each application.

Fitting requires modification to the front wings, once the old units are removed the area in question will be evident. Grind back the recessed lip that the old units located on, I used a Dremmel for the job. Make good any exposed metal with paint or grease.

The wiring plug from a 99.5 needs soldering onto the car loom. Wire colours are identical which makes life easier.

© Mark Stewart, Tuesday 15th July 2003
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