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Car: Audi | A4 | B5 | Sport | Saloon
Engine: BAM | 1781 | Inline 4 | (225 VVT) | Turbocharged | Petrol

Turbo Sport Project Introduction

A4 badge

My enthusiasm for the Audi marque came about several years ago, back when B5's were current my Father ran a TDi SE A4. Not only was it my first experience of experience of the brand, but also of the new generation of Turbo Diesel engines. I was thoroughly impressed with every aspect of the car.

What took me back at the time was the refinement offered by the car, both around town and at motorway speeds, particularly so on the move you really wouldn't know it was a Diesel car. This combined with the attention to detail and build quality really impressed, also of course the cars are generally understated which suits me well.

About the car

B5 is the VAG code for the 1994-2001 A4 body shell, the car itself is available in both Saloon and Avant form, this being the Audi name for Estate. There are a multitude of trim and specification options; Base, SE and Sport. Early SE's have Climate control and alloy wheels but in 2000 this became standard across the whole range.

Petrol Engines

 Capacity   Cams   Valves   Configuration  Power output Years fitted
1.6 OHC 8V I4 100BHP 1994 - 2001
1.8 DOHC 20V I4 130BHP 1995 - 2001
1.8T DOHC 20V I4 150BHP(180BHP) 1995 - 2001 (1999-2001)
2.4 QOHC 30V V6 150BHP 1998 - 2001
2.6 DOHC 12V V6 150BHP 1995 - 1997
2.8 DOHC 12V V6 1995 - 1998
2.8 QOHC 30V V6 192BHP 1998 - 2001
2.7T QOHC 30V V6 265BHP 1998 - 2001

Diesel engines

 Capacity   Cams   Valves   Configuration   Power output   Years fitted 
1.9 TDi SOHC 8V I4 90BHP 1995 - 2000
1.9 TDi SOHC 8V I4 100BHP 2000 - 2001
1.9 TDi PD SOHC 8V I4 115BHP 2000 - 2001
2.5 TDi QOHC 12V V6 150BHP 1998 - 2001

My choice

I had my heart set on one of the 1.8T cars, but after a couple of weeks searching it dawned on me that finding a good one was not going to be easy. 

I was looking for a Sport as apposed to the SE, the sport spec adds; sports suspension, a thicker front anti-roll bar, sports seats & steering wheel, driver Information System (DIS). To further narrow down my already exacting criteria I wanted a Silver car with sub 50k miles!  

After searching for a long time I had nearly given up hope, and at one point even considered the 1.8 N/A engine. I went for a test drive in one but this only served to reinforce my original reservations about the performance on offer from this Model. It simply wasn't enough for me, and after eventually finding a well cared for Turbo Sport I was glad I waited.

The standard Turbo is by no means fast, in fact it's fairly pedestrian but the attraction for me is the plethora of upgrade options available.  Having finally found a good example my intentions were to leave it standard and enjoy it as was. Looking back I realise how silly this was, it was never going to happen. I had seen too many upgrades from other A4's that I wanted; Carbon fibre trim, better brakes and more power etc and so the project began....

My car
© Mark Stewart, Tuesday 15th July 2003
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