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S4 Bonnet grille with S-Line badge & 1999.5 look front bumper

S4 Grille with S-Line badge

This was a grille I fitted shortly after purchasing the car. The stock 1995-1999 grille is offensive quite frankly, so the S4 grille was the first port of call in improving the front end.

The grille comes with an S4 badge, which I wouldn't dream of leaving on for obvious reasons. In it's place I fixed a B6 S-Line grille badge, with the mount slightly modified to suit the S4 grille Fitting is easy, the unit just clips in. I was not entirely happy with how this looked on my car so I sold it on.

I also blacked out the lower bumper uprights to improve the look.

© Mark Stewart, Tuesday 15th July 2003
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