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1999.5 Door mouldings and smoothed in S4 sides & wing emblem

Side modifications

I wasn't happy with the Audi badge on the front wing, this badge harked back to the days of the 80 and 100 and looked a little dated. Removal isn't easy as the badge is recessed into the wing.

Removal leaves 2 options; either fit a pair of 1998-1999.5 front wings or remove the recess. I chose to remove the recess as I was having the whole car resprayed. My friend welded an oval section of metal over the hole and spent a while finishing it ready for paint.

The next thing on the list was to remove the early style door mouldings. These were updated in 1999.5 by much wider and thinner mouldings that serve to give the car a much cleaner look. The old strips were removed and the surface prepared before the 99.5 mouldings were stuck on.

Finally I purchased a set of OEM S4 side skirts together with the comprehensive assortment of fittings required for fitment. I had the upper weather trim removed, which runs along the base of the doors. The mounting lugs are ground off and locating holes smoothed over. Finally the skirts were modified to be fitted independently of the now removed weather strip, and they were smoothed into the body for a clean look. Removal of the weather strip gives the skirts a more defined line, slightly less subtle than stock S4. 

© Mark Stewart, Tuesday 15th July 2003
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