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Dension ice>Link Plus iPod interface

The Dension ice>Link Plus iPod interface has several advantages over the BMW version:

Like the BMW version the Dension makes use of the CD changer interface, therefore if you have a CD changer fitted then bear in mind that it will become defunct when this kit is installed.

ice>Link Plus iPod interface

The Dension kit comes with a choice of either regular cable or a dash mount bracket. This is extremely handy if, like me, you have the OEM Bluetooth in the centre console and don't want to mount the iPod in the glovebox.

The kit comprises 3 components: Interface lead or cradle, main wiring harness, and the enclosed interface PCB (left).


ice>Link Plus iPod interface

Start by removing the 2 main dashboard trims, insert a flat object behind them and pry forwards. The passenger trim comes off first, then the central piece. With these off remove the 2 Phillips screws securing the head unit, and slide it outwards. Release the Quadlock & antenna connectors then withdraw the unit.

ice>Link Plus iPod interface

Next, remove the right hand side screw holding the centre vents to the dashboard, fit the cradle here and use the screw to secure it.

ice>Link Plus iPod interface

Pass the cradle cable into the head unit opening and down through a hole on the right hand side, and down to behind the climate control panel area.

ice>Link Plus iPod interface

Now connect the Dension loom to the BMW Quadlock connector.

ice>Link Plus iPod interface

Pass the actual Ice>Link module part of the loom down underneath the radio cage and behind the climate control panel. I found that this is the best area for the ice>Link module to sit. Join the module to the cradle connector that we passed down earlier on.

ice>Link Plus iPod interface ice>Link Plus iPod interface ice>Link Plus iPod interface© Mark Stewart, Tuesday 1st May 2007
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