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Cosworth Front Brake conversion

These are essentially RS2000 calipers with slight extensions to the caliper and carrier to cater for a larger pad and disc. Piston diameter is identical to the RS 2000 calipers. The discs are 288mm*26mm.

Front brake installation - Cosworth conversion

4x4 Cosworth Front brakes

The Cosworth calipers bolt to the hub in the same way as the RS2000 items do, however they are spaced differently and longer bolts are needed to attach them. I cannot stress highly enough that the replacement longer bolts must be of 10.9 grade steel and not 8.8 or stainless. Washers are required to bridge the gap between caliper and hub.

4x4 Cosworth Front brakes

I had to space the calipers in as far as I could to clear the front wheels (15" Escort GTi), I used 3 10mmID stainless washers for this. I also had to use a 5mm spacer in-between disc and wheel. Discs are 4*4 items as the offset on 2wd is out for the Fiesta.

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