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Fiesta Engine installation guide

Awaiting the engine

Having previous experience of installing an engine/gearbox into a Mk3, I knew how much of a tight squeeze it was. I have found the best method is to lower the bodyshell over the engine/gearbox assembly, dropping the unit in only results in fouling the brake master cylinder or possible paintwork damage.

I had already prepared the engine bay by soundproofing the bulkhead and re-installing the fuel and brake lines. I also fitted the wiring loom in place to make the installation easier, and after a good clean it was ready to recieve the engine and gearbox.

The car pivoted on its rear wheels

At this stage the car was on its rear wheels to enable it to pivot as I raised the front end. The clutch had been fitted to the engine followed by the gearbox and CV joints. All nesecary pipes and the engines loom had been attatched also.

The complete assembly was laid on a piece of foam insulation in front of the car, I took my time to help from my brother and Dad to align the engine as best as possible to the body. We used a hydraulic engine hoist to raise the body as high as it would go, then we all moved the car forward on its rear wheels so the engine bay was over the engine.

The fitted engine

A fair amount of effort was required to align the engine bay exactly over the engine on the floor, and we were struggling with clearance over the front valance too!

After some careful piloting with the engine hoist we lowered the body onto some axle stands. The engine now could be lifted up into the engine bay and tightening of mounting bolts could commence. It was a good feeling to see the engine in place after all the months standing on a wooden palette being prepared!!

The fitted engine

We had a little trouble aligning the gearbox cradle bolts but we got around this by supporting the gearbox on a trolley jack and moving it around on the jack to align the mount holes. Once it was all bolted in place the fuel lines, electrical connectors, oil breather hoses etc could be connected up. Here it is in all its fitted glory!

© Mark Stewart, Wednesday 15th December 1999
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