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Charge temperature control

GRS Motorsport EVO 3 Intercooler

2004. Photo's and write-up to follow.

Bespoke Pace Charge cooler


Twin standard FRST intercoolers

A solution for low boost applications

This setup was implemented in early 2002 for the 1.8 16v Zetec Turbo project. The standard FRST intercooler next to the radiator is apparently only good for cooling up to 13psi on a FRST, this is quite believable going from the size of the thing. Upgraded intercoolers were a lot of money and considering I only intended to run 13psi maximum, they would have been a waste of money on a relatively low budget project such as this.

To ensure the charge temperature was a cool as possible, I sacrificed a little throttle response for extra cooling (read reliability) by mounting a second standard size intercooler in the space where the battery once was.

A solution for low boost applications

I had an 'L' shaped bracket welded to the side of the cooler, so that it could be mounted on another bracket I had fabricated for the inner wing. This inner wing mount is a 5mm thick strip of steel with two studs at each end, to which the intercooler can be bolted (sandwiched between two thick rubber washers to isolate the unit from vibration). I used silicone hose and custom alloy tubing to plumb the coolers in.

As this setup was less than ideal, a Charge cooler was implemented when funds allowed, which replaced the the two intercoolers. The new unit will enable boost pressures of up to 25psi to be safely sustained.

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