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1.8TD Freestyle modifications



Indicator lens removed

'Freestyle TD' badges

Strangly 90% of Freestyle's don't have the 'Freestyle' badge fitted from new. I decided to fit the badge along with the 'TD' from a Mk6 Escort, which matches very well.

Indicator lens removed

Indicator lens removal

The orange indicator lenses within the headlights can be removed to give a clean look to the front end. To perform this modification the headlight unit has to be removed from the car

Once out, the 4 clips holding the glass cover need to removed followed by the glass. The key to a smooth operation is to heat the bedding sealant to aid removal of the glass cover. The orange lens is then removed by squeezing 3 barbed prongs and pulling the lens away from the headlight.

OEM Mud flaps

OEM Mud flaps

A modification that surely wont be to everyone's taste. I know most people tend to remove these from a car if it comes with them fitted. In most cases I agree and think mud flaps ruin the look however, in the case of the Mk4 & Mk5 Fiesta they add a touch of visual weight to the lower edge of the car.

A complete set is around £40 from Ford if you don't get discount. Fitting is easy, the rears utilise 1 of the bumper mounting screws and 2 clips, and the fronts rely purely on 3 clips to keep them in place.

Zetec-S Grille

Zetec-S Grille

The Zetec-S grille comes in 2 types, phase 1 and phase 2. The former is stainless steel and permits seamless removal of the Ford badge. The latter, like mine, is plastic and does not. Removing the badge is of no interest to me anyway as the car looks plain without it

Fitting the grille is incredibly easy and tools are not required. Simply open the bonnet, open out the two clips along the top edge of the grille and slide it out. The new grille slides down and should firmly locate in place.

The finished article

© Mark Stewart, Sunday 20th November 2005
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