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iPod/AUX in for COMAND 2.0/APS and Audio 20/50

Aux in provides a standard 3.5mm stereo jack to be fitted in a location of your choice. Mercedes recommend either the end of Glove box (CLK) or the front Ash try (C). The cable is simple to install and enables iPod (or similar) playback by holding down the 'CD' button (COMAND) or 'CDC' button (AUDIO 20/50 and COMAND APS).

Cable versions

Different cables are required depending on the Audio unit in question.

COMAND 2.0 (Pre-Facelift interior)


The Aux-in lead is available only for COMAND. Audio 10/30 Aux-in is provided by aftermarket devices which imitate a CD changer on the D2B Fire ring.

The COMAND 2.0 Aux-in lead (right) is part number A 210 440 50 05, the white plug at the end of this loom plugs in to an existing socket ether behind the COMAND unit or end of glove box (factory fitted COMAND only). If COMAND was a retrofitted the Aux in plugs into retrofit loom A203 540 10 09.

Audio 20, 50 and COMAND APS (Facelift interior)

w209auxin w209auxin

Face-lifted Audio components received the European standard 'Quadlock' connector (far right) which connects the head unit to the rest of the car, and this has a dedicated 'input' socket.

The Aux-in lead (right) for these models is A 169 540 49 08.

The white multiplug on the Aux in cable slots in to the rear of the Quadlock in the top right slot, if looking at the connector from the cable entry side.

Installing the cable

Installation here is in my W209 CLK, although installation principles are the same for the C class, albeit trim removal may differ slightly.


To fit the cable, the head unit or COMAND must first be removed.

The starting point for me was to remove the Audio 20 and insert the Aux in lead into the Quadlock connector, then thread the rest of the Aux lead down behind the climate control unit and out in to the passenger foot well (right).


Next, remove the 4 or so T20 Torx bolts securing the trim panel beneath the glove box, which will enable you to lower it just enough to thread the cable behind (top right).

The goal here is to get the stereo jack to the passenger door side of the glove box on which a perforated circle (left) marks the installation position.


Remove the end of the glove box with a trim tool or plastic knife; it simply pulls free. The perforated circle can then be removed by cutting the small tabs with a craft knife or similar.

Run the cable as shown in the photo (right), remove the locking flange on the stereo jack and insert into the hole. Push the locking flange back on from the glove box side to complete, then refit any removed trim.

© Mark Stewart, Wednesday 31st December 2008
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