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CLK 63 AMG Wheels


As I was adding a facelift AMG package to my CLK, the original 16" Alloy wheels (right) were no longer relevant, nor suitable to cover the Sport brakes.

I settled on a set of replica CLK 63 alloy wheels, in 18", with the following spec:

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If available, I would recommend ET40 at the rear or go down to an 8.5" wheel in order to provide a little extra tyre overhang for rim protection. Neither of these options were available to me at the time of ordering.

I didn't like the gunmetal inserts on the wheels, although these look fine on the 63, my car is no 63 and I think they were a little too ostentatious for me. I thought the wheels looked nice and would be more subtle with a silver infill, so I looked to create this look myself.

I set about the laborious task of masking off the machined polished faces and using wet and dry paper to rub down the gunmetal painted areas. These areas were then etched primed (in case the paint had been worn down to bare metal) and sprayed with Wurth "German Wheel Silver" aerosol can. I finished by removing the masking tape and rubbing down the entire wheel with 1500 grade wet and dry, then finishing with DuPont lacquer from a professional gun.


CLK 63 AMG Wheels CLK 63 AMG Wheels CLK 63 AMG Wheels
© Mark Stewart, Saturday 1st November 2008
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